DENYSE Fashions is designed by fashion icon, multi-award winning successful businesswoman and best selling author Denyse Saunders and was launched at Canterbury Fashion Week in 2016.


Denyse has been involved in the fashion, beauty, modelling, media and event management industries for over four decades and is referred respectivelly as the 'Doyenne of the Fashion Industry' in New Zealand.


Denyse has created many of New Zealand's most prestigious, high profile and leading fashion events and styling shows throughout Australia and New Zealand.


Having trained winners in Miss World and models with careers all around the world Denyse has worked with many top celebrities through her model management agencies Spotlight Model Agency & DS MODELS representing over 4,000 models.


Denyse has trained over a million men, women and children in all aspects of groomimg, confidence and modelling through her Training Academy.


Denyse followers subscribe to her weekly BLOG and hail from all over the globe most especially New Zealand, Australia, USA and UK!


Bestselling author of 4 books, Denyse is an authority on  how to look younger without surgery. Denyse believes we are an equal combination of mind, body and soul and as such to look more youthful one must work all all areas of oneself. Denyse practices what she preaches daily!


Founder of both Canterbury Fashion Week and Auckland Fashion Week. Denyse recently sold Auckland Fashion Week to an Auckland businessman. So she may concentrate more fully on her online e-boutique and DENYSE Fashions!


You may contact Denyse through