SPRITZ 7... An Added Boost For Troubled Scalps


Anger management and rehab for the scalp.

BOOSTER SPRITZ 7 is a dual purpose calming gel and innovative leave-in treatment for the scalp.

 Put your scalp into therapy while you go about your day.


  • Wet hair and apply the WASH prescribed to you.  Work into a lather concentrating on the hair and scalp.  Rinse well and repeat if necessary.
  • Apply the RECON prescribed to you.  Distribute through hair and rinse thoroughly.  Towel dry.
  • Pump SPRITZ 7 into hands and distribute onto scalp concentrating on affected areas.  Leave in and style with your prescribed styling product.  Use as frequently as desired.

Features & Benefits:

  • Sulphate, salt & Paraben Free
  • Naturally Based / No Animal Derived Ingredients / No Animal Testing
  • Plant and Desert Fruit Extracts help protect the hair & scalp
  • Addresses the natural balances of the scalp
  • Contains ingredients that help control excess oil as well as helping reduce itch, scale and irritation

Available Sizes:

150ml Pump