DENYSE Fashions are designed by Denyse Saunders

whom is known respectively as The doyenne of the fashion industry for the last 40 years”

As a very successful award winning business woman in the fashion, beauty, modelling and media industries

for over 4 decades Denyse knows and understands explicitly what women want and what best flatters your silhouettes!

As as a bestselling author of 4 books on how to look 10 years younger without surgery.

Denyse is the expert of style, dressing and beauty for all ages!

DENYSE Fashions are made with you in mind!

Sleeves that cover the top part of our arms which many of us dislike so much!

V shaped necklines the most flattering neckline for any woman young or mature!

The V Neckline increases a small bust and decreases a full bust!

It elongates our neck thus making us appear tall and elegant.

The soft line hides a not so flat tummy and creates a natural waist line sliming and elongating you!

The relaxed fit does not cling to parts of our body that we would rather it not do so,

but rather it gently glides over your body flattering your natural silhouette.

Each piece is designed to be worn trans-seasonally from summer to winter and in-between.

The versatility of the pieces means you can wear them in the hottest of weather worn with a pair of sandals

or dressed up for evening glamour with your favourite pair of heels or in the cooler months with either ¾ length pants,

shorts or slim leg pants or the gorgeous wide legged pants and boots - the choice is yours!

A DENYSE Fashions garment will last you for years and it is as unique as you are,

you won’t find several others wearing the same colour and fabric as you!