WASH O... Step 1 in the Maintenance Range For Oily Hair & Scalp

WASH • Condition • Style 

Oily hair is limp and difficult to manage, but some oil is essential.  Re-establishing the proper oil balance is needed.  You need WASH O.

MAINTENANCE WASH O is mild enough to retain essential oil balance while controlling the excessive oil that can make your hair so unmanageable.  

When used daily, WASH O will relieve your hair and leave you feeling refreshed and clean.


  • If a scalp condition exists, pre-treat the scalp with MAC OIL 7
  • Lather a small amount of WASH O onto wet hair and scalp, working through lengths
  • Rinse well and repeat if needed, before applying RECON O
  • Apply RECON O and distribute through hair lengths.  Rinse thoroughly and towel dry hair
  • Spray WET FIX O through the hair and style as desired

Features & Benefits:

  • Sulphate, Salt & Paraben Free
  • Naturally Based / No Animal Derived Ingredients / No Animal Testing
  • An Essential part of a 3 Step System designed to re-establish the natural balances of the hair & scalp
  • Plant & Desert Fruit Extracts help protect the hair & scalp
  • Contains agents that nourish dry hair & scalp and reduce associated symptoms such as irritation and itch

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